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Topics & Events

November 16, 2018

Training on the physiology of plant development in seed production.

JICA Project for promotion of exportable vegetable seed production in the Kyrgyz Republic organized training from 12-16 of November for members of the cooperative KVS. Subject is "The physiology and form of development of vegetable crops for growing seeds" in Bishkek.

The main purpose of the training is to give farmers modern ideas about the basic physiological processes of the plant, the mechanisms of their regulation and the patterns of interaction of plants with environmental conditions. This knowledge will allow farmers to develop visual memory, correctly determine the condition of the soil, and become familiar with the biology and physiology of plants.

According to the members of the Cooperative "KVS", the modern and detailed information obtained in this training, gives them the opportunity to correct a number of shortcomings while observing the complex of agro-technical conditions, such as air and soil temperature, lighting, water, nutrients, pests and plant diseases affecting the growth and development of crops in seed production. Because, the purpose of the Cooperative KVS is to produce and export high-quality vegetable seeds, based on a contract with overseas seed companies.

PhotoDuring the training

PhotoDuring the training


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