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Topics & Events

November 29, 2018

JICA Press Tour.

JICA organized an annual press tour for media representatives. Journalists visited JICA projects in Balykchy and Kant.

The goal of both JICA projects is to transfer knowledge and technologies from Japanese experts to partners for further development of the country.

Journalists shared with us their impressions of the trip – "press tour was interesting and useful, it was cognitive to see projects activities in live, we got a lot of new information about JICA projects. Also we had interesting discussion with experts and farmers of projects."

At the experimental site of the Forest project in Balykchy forestry, we saw how the project helped to grow fruit seedlings, despite the rocky, sandy and climatic conditions. Then we visited the project for the Production of raw milk in Kant, where they witnessed process of checking the quality of silage, and feeding for cattle in winter. Many farmers no longer use this type of feed, but experts emphisized, that feeding during the winter period is very important, and with the help of silage livestock can get nutrients. They also demonstrated how to return the nutritious quality of dried hay, and not to throw it away. Farmers shared that the use of silage helped to increase the quality and quantity of milk, this type of feed is also more economical than others.

Also please take a look video of NTS channel:

PhotoGreeting words from Chief Representative of JICA KR.

PhotoProject site of Forestry Project.

PhotoExperimental plot of Forestry project in Balykchy Forest Enterprise.

PhotoChecking the quality of the silage.

PhotoThe procedure of Urea treatment of hay.


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