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January 29, 2013

Japan Implements a Project on Urban Plan and Development Management in Lilongwe City in the Republic Of Malawi.

PhotoDiscussion with the counterparts

JICA has started a technical assistance project for Urban Plan and Development Management of Lilongwe City, in the Republic of Malawi. The project is being implemented at Lilongwe City Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands and Housing for a period of two and a half years, and it commenced in November 2012.

This is a follow-up project to the technical assistance that JICA carried out in 2009 in the same Lilongwe City Council in which a study on Urban Development Master Plan for Lilongwe was conducted. The study came up with several recommendations and one of them was to enhance the capacity of urban planning and development management in the council which includes institutional arrangements. The study identified that Lilongwe City Council lacks capability to carry out the proposed recommendations of the Master Plan. As a result, the city has been expanding with illegal settlers taking up land in most areas of the city including land reserved for industrial and public use. It was also noted that there is a complex and time-consuming process in the system of development management and control that need to be revisited. By the completion of the project, it is anticipated that the basic knowledge in urban planning and development management of the council's Urban Planning Officers will be improved. This will be achieved through on the job training and seminars on urban planning. A tailor-made training for counterpart personnel in Japan will also be conducted in order to expose them to urban planning in a developed country.

Upon completion of the project it is anticipated that guidelines will either be revised or formulated. This will include revision of the Urban Structure Plan (outline Zoning Scheme) of Lilongwe City and formulating Detailed Land Use Plan in some areas of Lilongwe City. The project team will also suggest how to utilise the New Development Guideline (Land Use Planning and Development Management) which are being formulated by the country's Ministry of Lands and Housing. The Project's Team Leader is Mr Tetsuji Goto, a JICA expert in Urban Planning who has more than 20 years of experience. During the project's period of implementation, several long and short term experts in development management, housing development, transport planning, urban infrastructure, information management, water, drainage and sanitation planning will be assigned to the project. A pilot project will be implemented during the project's duration. The nature of the pilot project will be decided upon discussions between the project team members, Lilongwe City Council and other stakeholders.

PhotoThe Record of discussion was made!

PhotoDense area in THA


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