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Topics & Events

October 30, 2014

National Staff Training Workshop on Third Country Training Program (Tctp) in Egypt

PhotoGroup photo for National Staff participating in TCTP workshop in Egypt

JICA Egypt Office organized workshop for National Staff (NS) in-charge of training at JICA Country Offices across African countries from 27th to 30th October, 2014 in Cairo, Egypt. Five (5) countries participated in this program i.e. Malawi, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Sudan. The main objective of the workshop was to create a platform where NS should be able to share problems and challenges related to TCTP and to observe how trainings are conducted in Egypt. The meetings were held in Cairo and Ismailia targeting the Universities currently running the programs i.e. Centre for Training and Research Consultation (CTRC) under Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University and Scientific Center for Human Development, Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University respectively.

The workshop started with a presentation from Dr. Tokiko Sato, Consultant in Training. Her presentation settled on program/course development and follow up initiative for ex-participants. She also emphasized the need to develop courses which are aligned to priority areas of JICA Offices in beneficiary countries. Dr. Sato encouraged Egypt Office to utilize NS in identifying subsequent program/courses. She believes country-focused training programs can be more meaningful and valuable to address a specific country needs. She also recommended a need to engage stakeholders in evaluating TCTP in order for them to appreciate the impact of training programs and provide insight on how best the program can be improved.

The NS had opportunity to observe training course on "Women's Health Across the Lifespan" at Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University, and "Infectious Diseases: Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis (ICCI)" at Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University. The interaction between the participants and NS was quite inspiring as NS were able to see the other end of their work. NS also had good time with Course Managers in these Universities to share some issues related to the TCTP. From both institutions it was clear that in some cases applications are not submitted in time making it difficult for them to process applications and select qualified applicants.

On the final day, NS and a representative from Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a discussion forum to address challenges related to application channels. NS were debating if there can be one way channel of application for TCTP considering that Egyptian Embassies/Consulate channel does not give room for screening applications and there is duplication of work as applications are coming from two sides i.e. Embassies of Egypt and JICA. Finally it was settled that NS should be able to build a good relationship with staff in Egyptian Embassies/Consulates to liaise on TCTP and avoid complications in the process.

After the discussion, we had a Video Conference with Training Department at Headquarters, Mr. Fushimi, Planning Director, Mr. Saito and Mr. Ono, Deputy Directors. They highlighted three key elements in their message. In first place, the importance of TCTP; they noted that there are common issues to African countries, culture, levels of technology and this makes the program more effective. Moreover TCTP is cost-effective. They mentioned the importance of NS in managing TCTP and finally the formulation of TCTP. They also encouraged NS to make sure that credit goes to both Government of Japan and Government of Arab Republic of Egypt as they emphasized the need for public relations.

Simon Simkoko
Program Officer
JICA Malawi

PhotoDiscussion Forum at JICA Egypt Office


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