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October 17, 2018

[Volunteer Report] I am finally here in Malawi!!

Name: Saki Yoshinaga
Technical Field: Environmental Education
Recipient Organization: Lilongwe Water Board, Lilongwe

Finally, in July 2018, I arrived in Malawi as an environmental education volunteer. The country is full of scattered forests and reddish brown ground that I have seen from the airplane. This is a very different experience from flying into Japanese cities where you see high buildings and green forests.

During my one month stay in Lilongwe, capital city of Malawi, I have encountered very joyful discoveries. Malawi is known as "the Warm Heart of Africa," people are kind and talk to me with the warm heart. Indeed, not only the government officials whom I closely work with, but also even taxi drivers. They are all proud of their national traits. This is one of the reasons why Malawi is such a peaceful county.

In Malawi, charcoal made from natural wood is one of the main sources of energy and is used for cooking foods and boiling bathing water. It has been my pleasure to learn about how Malawian people have lived symbiotically with nature. However, when I am walking in the streets, even in the centers of their main towns, I often see plastic bags thrown away here and there. Women carrying their children easily throw away rubbish from bus windows. This make me really concerned as an environmental management educator.

As a volunteer in environmental education, I would like to work for various environmental issues with paying respect for Malawian people's thoughts and values.

PhotoLandscape of Malawi from Airplane

PhotoWood- Main source of energy


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