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February 25, 2019

[Volunteer Report] Hello from Malawi to primary school classes in Japan

Name: Ami Higuchi
Technical Field: Infection and HIV/AIDS Control
Recipient Organization: Enukweni Health Centre, Mzimba North District Health Office

Kawachinagano City Education Board, in the city where I come from, promotes distance culture exchange programs for primary and junior high school students by using TV conference systems. I remember having participated in this program when I was a student. Through this program, I was able to know several challenges that different countries in the world are facing. I am glad to say that this experience compelled me to make a decision in my life to do something for these countries to make the world a better place to live in.

So far, I have been privileged to participate as a guest teacher in primary schools in Kawachinagano City through a TV conference system from Malawi. In 2018, I taught four times and so far this year I have taught five times. Through this experience, I have noted that most Japanese students do not know about the challenges that other countries in the world are facing. Nowadays, the world have several way of accessing information from wherever we are. However, this information does not always reflects the real situation on the ground. Because it depends on the message that media intends to pass to the readers, listeners and viewers. As I teach the students in the Japanese primary schools, I try to portray the actual situation in Malawi, which is one of the world's least developed countries by showing them pictures. Most of the times I tell them about life in Malawi in general, the country's medical situation, its schools and students. I believe that the lessons that I teach these students will help them to understand the real Malawian situation for them to make decisions about what they can do to contribute towards the betterment of the citizens of the country and other least developed countries in the future.

PhotoA Primary school class in Japan during my session

PhotoMs Higuchi teaching Japanese primary school students from Malawi


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