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February 25, 2019

[Volunteer Report] Let's Sing Multiplication Song!!

Name: Hisakazu Tanaka
Technical Field: Primary School Education
Recipient Organization: Lilongwe Teachers Training College, Lilongwe

I released "the multiplication song" in collaboration with my fellow JICA volunteers, students from Lilongwe Teachers Training College which in my host institution and students from primary schools that are attached to my host institution.

It all started when I was having a chat with my fellow JICA volunteers who are working as primary school mathematics teachers. During the chat, I realized that they had been facing difficulties to teach mathematic in their schools because students find it hard to memorize the multiplication table. Some students write tally marks to solve multiplication problems. The most worrisome fact is that even final grade students also find it hard to master the multiplication table.

Since the song was released, whenever I go into classrooms, students are excited and they usually say to me, "Mr. Tanaka, let's sing the multiplication song together!" They get too excited that it takes quite some time for me to calm them down.

Gradually, as I have been using the song during my mathematics lessons, I am now able to note the effectiveness this song has brought to my multiplication lessons. In one of the schools where my fellow JICA volunteers work, the school authorities have recognized a great improvement in students in memorizing the multiplication table and solving multiplication problems. It is quite exciting to note that the students' parents are also showing interest in the song and some of them ask me to share the song with them.

Since the song has been newly released, we are busy disseminating it in the best possible way for the teachers to be using it in several schools in the country. I hope this song will contribute to improvement of science and mathematics in Malawi.

Multiplication Song

PhotoStudents enjoy singing the multiplication song

PhotoA JICA Volunteer teacher hides an answer of multiplication table while singing

PhotoStudents from other classes also come and watch with curiously


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