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August 29, 2018

Impact and visibility are next goal of MTCP-TCTP
The Malaysia Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP)-JICA Cooperation Meeting
The MTCP-JICA Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) Workshop

PhotoAmbassador Norman, Undersecretary, MFA and Mr Fukawa, Chief Rep. JICA M'sia Office at the Cooperation Meeting

In August, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia (MFA) and JICA co-hosted two annual meetings for the management of TCTP. The first was the MTCP-JICA Cooperation Meeting, which is to exchange views between MFA and JICA over the annual management plans. While the second was the MTCP-JICA TCTP Workshop, which is to provide Training Institutes (TIs) of TCTP with an opportunity of mutual learning based on the results of the Cooperation Meeting.

PhotoSWOT analysis in the Workshop

With increasing number of reports through TIs on post-training activities by ex-participants, the Cooperation Meeting in this year recognized the importance of impacts and visibility: capturing post-training impacts and disseminate them with an understandable manner. In the meantime, the meeting also reaffirmed the partnership brought by TCTP through the review of 2017 implementations, the 2018 plan, new TCTPs and triangular cooperation to Palestine among others.

In the Workshop with TIs, after the report on outcome of the Cooperation Meeting, an extensive range of information was exchanged such as management of development assistance by JICA, success stories of 2017 by two TIs, and SWOT Analysis[1] by all the participants.

MTCP-JICA Cooperation Meeting
Venue MFA in Putrajaya
Date 10 August 2018
Participants MFA, JICA Malaysia Office, Embassy of Japan
Venue MFA in Putrajaya
Date 29 August 2018
Participants MFA, JICA Malaysia Office, 10 Training Institutes

Recently these meeting are held annually, review the implementation in the past year and plan this year's activity and beyond. The system is deeply founded within annual management cycle of MTCP-TCTP in Malaysia as the core. The sustainability of this system is supported by equal cost sharing of MFA and JICA for TCTP, which compels the two entities to periodical implementations of the meetings.

It is indeed challenging for the both to avoid falling into a trap of tedious routine. Nevertheless, the meetings has been transcending a mere discussion of budget and planning, leading to an apparatus for hatching visions and strategies of MTCP-TCTP in future.


  • [1] SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique used to help a person or organization identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.


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