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August 31, 2018

From existing knowledge to co-creation of the new
The study on applying development experience on Third Country Training Programme (TCTP)

PhotoTCTP implementation at present

Malaysia's Training Institutes are adept at sharing their latest knowledge, which is the present state of the development. Not surprisingly, the country is moving toward a developed country. However, its process, how the Training Institute has reached after the present status since its inception, is not shared much. It seems Malaysian people prioritize their current development to the past amid the remarkable growth. In the meantime, with regard to participants of TCTP, Malaysia's development process equally interests them as the current status does.

To elucidate the development process, JICA Malaysia office embarked on a research in the fields of the Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) and the Productivity in comparison to Japan's development process. In the research, a stark different process was observed between the two fields. In OSH, both Malaysia and Japan experienced a similar pattern: development based on regulations. In the meantime, with regard to the productivity, while Malaysia's development was led by the government as a comprehensive industrial promotion policy, Japan was led by the industry. Furthermore, a common factor was observed between the two fields as well: Japanese enterprises made a significant contribution to the development of OSH and productivity in Malaysia.

The research results were extracted and converted to two sets of teaching materials, for OSH and productivity respectively, which will be used in the on-going TCTPs from this year as a new module. If the trial tests are found to be successful, new TCTPs dedicated to development experiences may be formulated in future.

In JICA, TCTPs are formulated mostly with the assumption of existing knowledge. Meantime, when a country is becoming a developed country (like Malaysia), there may be another room of cooperation, that is, to co-create a new knowledge with the country and utilize it for the sustainable development of the world, where a new modality of cooperation could be forged. The research is one of our humble attempts to address the issue: how the partnership should be embodied.

Research Profile
Title The study on applying development experience on Third Country Training Programme in Malaysia
Researcher International Development Centre of Japan (IDCJ)
Site Kuala Lumpur
Institutes Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)
Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)
Partner Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia JICA
Period From October 2017 to August 2018
Report JICA Library http://libopac.jica.go.jp/


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