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December 20, 2018

JICA's cooperation with Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)
Maritime Security in Malaysia and in South East Asia

Malaysian coastal area is a strategic sea gateway for many vessels. It is a vital point not only for Malaysia but also for other countries in South East Asia as well as East Asia including Japan.

The Malaysian government established the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) in 2005 to strengthen maritime security and tackle the problems of piracy, smuggling, and fish poaching that the Strait of Malacca and some other sea areas in Malaysia faced.

Getting support from Japan Coastal Guard (JCG), JICA has cooperated with MMEA in strengthening the institutional and human capacities since its inception.

In November, Mr. Ishima, retired Vice Admiral / former Administrative Inspector General of JCG, current senior advisor of JICA, visited the training site for STAR team (Special Task Force) of MMEA and was amazed to see the rope rescue drill as it is the same procedure of JCG.

Mr. Syuzefril Bin Mat Noor, the leader of STAR team proudly said "Sir, this is the way we learnt from JCG".

Based on this almost 20-year cooperation, MMEA and JICA are implementing the project aiming at conducting constant training courses on maritime safety and security for neighboring countries in MMEA and strengthening relationship among maritime security agencies in the region.

We can see one in next February, where 6 nations are invited from Asia.

Project Title:
Project on Enhancing Educational and Training Capacity of Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) and Encouraging Cooperation among Neighboring Countries

Period: May 2018 – May 2021

Partner Organization: Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)

PhotoMMEA's rope rescue drill

PhotoMr. Ishima and Mr. Syuzefril


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