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Topics & Events

January 17, 2019

Ex-participants' active knowledge sharing "Training on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to Disaster"

On 17th January, a seminar on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to Disaster was conducted in the Department of Chemistry under the Ministry of Science and Technology (KIMIA).

This seminar was organized by KIMIA and JICA Alumni Society of Malaysia (myJICA) as a follow-up of a JICA training program held in Japan in November 2018.

Ex-participants of the program in Japan facilitated the seminar, trying to introduce their knowledge gained through the course. They have already conducted a number of seminars in their hospital and their state health department. In addition, they had several seminars at the federal government level: the Ministry of Health and the National Disaster Management Agency, and plan to have one in the Ministry of Education.

Among the facilitators, Dr. Uma says: "Stress releasing is not taken it for granted in Malaysia, but is handled very seriously in Japan, we, ex-participants have responsibility on awareness raising on psychological care".

During the seminar, the facilitators introduced the techniques and system learnt in Japan as very effective way to help affected persons as a Psychological First Aid (PFA).

All the attendees learnt what is the disaster, what is the effect, how to react, including simple techniques of stress release, tips on communication and art therapy.

Furthermore, all the attendees consider seriously what and who to do, where to go at the time of huge disaster during the role play and simulation on PFA. This seminar certainly make very big influence to the all participants.

KIMIA has some commands on psychosocial support in HQs and branch offices, and the branch offices have some support activities to Medical Center (MC) in the area. KIMIA has a plan to organize several knowledge sharing seminar in states level. We are sure this seminar promote collaboration with MC from KIMIA on this psychosocial care area.

PhotoInteractive Explanation

PhotoSimple Stress Release Techniques

PhotoDiscussion during role play


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