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Topics & Events

October 7, 2017

Participants for YLTP 2017 depart to Japan

On 7th October 2017, JICA Maldives Office held the Pre-departure Orientation for this year's Young Leaders Training Program (YLTP) participants.

This year's area of focus was Physical Education and the 10 participants were selected from different atolls in Maldives. The specialty of this year's YLTP is this is the first time we are combining YLTP with JOCVs in Maldives.

Some of the participants have in the past worked with JOCVs in Physical Education area while the rest of the participants are from schools which will receive JOCVs as Physical Education Teachers in January 2018. So this year's participants will get an in-depth experience into the Physical Education system in Japan before their work with JOCVs start which will be good experience for them.

Also, as this year marks the 50th Anniversary for Diplomatic ties between Japan and Maldives, His Excellency Mr. Kazumi Endo- the Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of Maldives met with the participants at the Pre-departure orientation. In his speech he mentioned he was delighted to see the support provided by the parents to the teachers which is rare and that he hopes this year's participants make the most of this learning experience in Japan.

Furthermore, this year JICA Maldives Office Administration Staff Ms. Haleemath Najula Ahmed went to Japan with the YLTP participants as an observer.

We wish the participants all the best for the training and hope they return with invaluable experiences!

PhotoJapanese Ambassador H.E. Mr. Kazumi ENDO giving his sending-off messages to participant (Photo: Hiroshi SAITO)

PhotoEx-Participant Mr.Mujahid presented Life in Japan participant (Photo: Hiroshi SAITO)

PhotoBasic Japanese language lesson given by Ms. Zeenath Zaki participant (Photo: Hiroshi SAITO)

Photo10 Participant and 1 Supervisor from JICA Maldives office has departed to JAPAN! (Photo: Hiroshi SAITO)


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