Exhibition at the Virtual Global Experience Area

Human Security - The World’s Happiness and Sorrow -


The interdependence of international society has become stronger than ever in recent years, with people, goods, money, and information going back and forth heavily across borders. At the same time, people are threatened by various dangers, such as regional disputes, terrorism, and infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS and malaria, beyond national boundaries.

What the "Human Security" program is pursuing is the protection of people from such threats and the assurance of their improvement in the ability to live on their own.

For this purpose, JICA will step forward to provide a wide range of assistance while making sure that the effects of our activities are distributed to every single person.

Monthly Special Exhibition

We have two different types of “Monthly special exhibition”. One features specific countries/regions for prompting comprehensive understandings about the world, and another one features our partners’ social activities such as CSV (Corporate Shared Value)/BOP (Base of the Pyramid) business.