Exhibition at the Virtual Global Experience Area

Exploring Innovation: Ideas and technologies that surprise and inspire


In order to solve the world's problems — such as poverty, education, conflict, and the environment—we all need to work together in a coordinated effort.
New innovations that leverage new ideas and knowledge are crucial in an Age of Globalization where breakthroughs in Science and Technology are driven by digital technology.
Building on our base of accumulated know-how in international cooperation, new ideas and technologies will form the crucial building blocks of the future.

This exhibition showcases a variety of initiatives that we consider innovations for a better world—ideas that not only use the latest digital technologies, but draw upon an insightful combination of old and new technologies, to surprise and inspire.
Let's think together about new innovations that each and every one of us can participate in.

Monthly Special Exhibition

We have two different types of “Monthly special exhibition”. One features specific countries/regions for prompting comprehensive understandings about the world, and another one features our partners’ social activities such as CSV (Corporate Shared Value)/BOP (Base of the Pyramid) business.