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Message from the Chief Representative

In Myanmar, the administration of the National League Democracy (NLD) which won the historical general election by the multi-party system in November 2015 was launched in April 2016.

In order to success in democratization and market oriented economy aimed at Myanmar, it is essential to promote reconciliation among different ethnicities and proceed to steady reforms with determination of policies by making full use of the abundant resources and taking advantages of developing countries. Moreover, in order to keep high motivation and continue to make an effort for their own happiness and their nation's peace and prosperity, it is important the country's development process has to be inclusive; each and every one must be a main actor/actress and share the fruits of the development among the whole nation.

Japan's economic cooperation for Myanmar, "Agreement on Compensation and Economic Cooperation", which started in 1954, has entered a new stage with the progress of democratization in Myanmar in recent years. At Japan-Myanmar Summit held in November 2016 Japan was pledged to private sectors will provide 800 billion aids to Myanmar over next five years. , and in October 2017, the first dispatch of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) has arrived. At the Japan-Myanmar Summit in November 2017, Prime Minister Abe expressed his willingness to accelerate cooperation focusing on "Yangon Urban Development", "Transportation" and "Electricity" for the purpose of 800 billion yen.

Moreover, in January 2018, Foreign Minister Kono visited Myanmar for the first time and met with State Counsellor Daw Aung Sung-Su-Kyi. He visited district in northern Rakhain State for the first time as a foreign government official and expressed his utmost support to the Myanmar government's efforts to Rakhine State. Based on the trust Japan have cultivated with Myanmar, JICA will continue dynamic and inclusive cooperation from large-scale infrastructure development to grassroots level cooperation. JICA provides Myanmar for various knowledge and lessons learned which obtained through development assistance to neighboring Asian countries and supports the utilization of various resources of Japanese private enterprises, local governments, NGOs etc. to Myanmar.

Democracy and market-oriented economic reform cannot be achieved within a short gestation period. Since the establishment of Yangon Office in 1981, JICA has continued constructive involvement in Myanmar through ODA under any circumstances. JICA would like to listen carefully again to the direction and how to proceed to inclusive development that Myanmar wishes, as the new administration is inaugurated and taking the first step of reform. JICA patiently supports for Myanmar through ODA in order to overcome various difficulties embedded in society and the economy, to create a new identity of Myanmar themselves, so that the identity take rooted reliably based on institutions, human resources, economic and social infrastructure. Also, JICA will support Myanmar people who are leading actors and make efforts to contribute to develop Japan and the international economic society through the reform and development of Myanmar themselves.

Chief Representative
JICA Myanmar Office


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