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Press Release

July 5, 2018

How resilient common houses in Yangon?
Conducting the very first Pull-down test of the houses in Myanmar for the preparedness of Earthquake Disaster

On 3rd and 5th of July, 2018, the very first Pull-down test of houses in Myanmar was conducted at Yangon Technological University (YTU). This was to confirm how resilient common houses in Yangon is resilient against Earthquake Disaster, as a part of the JICA project implemented through collaborative research between Japanese research team headed by the University of Tokyo and YTU under the programme of SATREPS: Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development. The project team has constructed actual bamboo-made (3rd July) and wooden house (5th July) models at YTU, and aims to measure the relation between pulling-load caused by heavy machine and deformation of the buildings.

The pull-down test for the common buildings is conducted in earthquake vulnerable Asian countries, by various research groups such as the University of Tokyo, and contributed to reveal the vulnerability of common houses against earthquake disaster. This time, in order to consider earthquake resiliency of Yangon, the team conducts such test for the very first time in Myanmar.

Based upon the data collected during the test, the Myanmar-Japan joint research team will evaluate further the resiliency/ vulnerability of the building by analyzing the mechanism of the collapsing buildings through computer based simulation. Prof. Kimiro Meguro (University of Tokyo) says: "So far, by testing building materials of Myanmar, the research team has seen reinforced concrete buildings. Meanwhile, as Yangon has a lot of wooden and bamboo-made houses as well, the further accurate simulation can be possible by introducing the data collected this time". Through the project activities, JICA and the research team wish that YTU can conduct further research works on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) to contribute for Myanmar Government DRR works as well as Disaster Readiness of Myanmar Industry.

PhotoBy changing the load, the research team detect the value of various factors which may be required for further analysis.

PhotoEven after demolished, the team check the inside of the house in order to see the damage caused inside the house.


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