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Topics & Events

November 27, 2015

The fourth "Japan Seminar" of the Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Court for Expeditious and Reliable Dispute Settlement

JICA and the Supreme Court of Nepal have collaboratively implemented a three year and seven month project, named the Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Court for Expeditious and Reliable Dispute Settlement (The SCC Project), since September 2013. This project aims at improving the case management for expediting court process, as well as enhancing the effective practice of court-affiliated mediation. In order to achieve these purposes, the SCC project has been implemented several activities in both Nepal and Japan and now planning to held a two-week seminar in Japan from the end of November.

The project has held such seminars three times in Japan previously, where 10 to 20 participants from Nepal judiciary sector joined each seminar. In the seminars, participants not only explored the judicial systems in Japan, but also actively discussed how to improve the Nepal judicial systems. The Japan Seminar has been hosted by the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Justice, Japan, with support from the Advisory Group of the SCC project consisting of prominent law professors. Since these organizers have been continuously involved in the series of seminars, they are knowledgeable about Nepal legal systems. Accordingly, the participants can carry out in-depth discussions each time, and the seminars as a whole have become increasingly practical and suitable for Nepali judicial professionals.

In this fourth Japan Seminar, the main topics will be the case management and court-affiliated mediation, the main pillars of the SCC project. The delegation of 20 participants will be led by two Supreme Court Justices and includes judges, court officials, advocates and other professionals from concerned organizations, who have rich experiences in case management and court mediation. Now, each participant is preparing their presentations and collecting data/cases for fruitful discussions in the seminar. They are also planning to explore the Japanese mediation and case management practices in a district court and bar association (ADR center). Additionally, the delegation will visit Legal Support Center established to promote the Access to Justice in Japan.


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