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February 2, 2018

NRA Organized a Seminar on Livelihood Recovery Support by JICA Project

On 29 January 2018, the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) organized a seminar to share key achievements and lessons learned from livelihood recovery support for the earthquake affected communities in Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk. The seminar was attended by over 50 participants, including representatives of urban/rural municipalities from the two districts, relevant sectoral government agencies at the central and district levels, and development partners involved in livelihood recovery.

JICA's Rehabilitation and Recovery from Nepal Earthquake (RRNE) project implemented five different kinds of small-scaled livelihood recovery activities as part of its Quick Impact Projects (QIPs). About 1,500 people – almost 80% women – in the affected communities participated in such activities as: formulation of a women's cooperative as a foundation for women's participation in reconstruction and recovery; vegetable and maize farming with improved methods; quality seed production coupled with reconstruction of seed storage facilities; and goat farming which introduced a better quality breed and new rearing skills.

A number of short-term results were shared by the district line agencies like District Agriculture Development Office, District Livestock Support Office and Women and Children Office involved in the project. For example, production and self-consumption of vegetables and maize increased which would not only contribute to food security but ultimately could allow the families to allocate their limited financial resources for housing reconstruction. Another positive change observed was that establishment of a women's cooperative helped strengthen social capital and solidarity in the affected community, which can give an additional push for reconstruction and recovery. Technical skills related to these activities have been compiled into training manuals, which will be soon handed over to the relevant government agencies.

Mr. Kozo Nagami, Senior Representative of JICA Nepal, shared his expectation that under NRA's leadership, especially local governments will continue, expand and replicate the livelihood recovery activities after the JICA support completed. Dr. Bishnu Bhandari, NRA Executive Committee Member who chaired the seminar, highlighted the importance of addressing livelihood recovery and shared his delight that these small-scaled initiatives can yield positive changes in the affected communities. He also stressed that all concerned stakeholders must jointly work towards replicating the model in other localities, creating more value chains, reaching out to the vulnerable groups, and thus making even bigger impacts.

Thank you.

For more information:
Brinda Singh
Public Relations Officer
Email: SinghBrinda.NP@jica.go.jp

PhotoThe seminar was attended by over 50 participants which included representatives of urban/rural municipalities , relevant sectoral government agencies at the central and district levels, and development partners involved in livelihood recovery.


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