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Press Release

August 17, 2018

Enforcement of New Laws, JICA Nepal lends support for reforming the Civil Code.

The Parliament of Nepal enforced the new Civil Code and other 4 codes on August 17th, 2018.

The enforcement of Civil Code and other 4 codes is a major milestone for all citizens and legal experts in Nepal and is a step to address such lacunas in Nepali Laws and Jurisprudence which not only consolidates the prevailing legal provisions but also introduces new provisions and update the laws to address the modern needs of the Laws in international context.

The New Civil Code provides regulations that are closely related to people's daily lives and economic activities as it includes family law, property law, law relating to persons and provisions relating to contracts.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) established the Advisory Group in 2009, comprised of jurists, to support in the drafting process of the Civil Code. Simultaneously, series of dialogues program and seminars in Japan and Kathmandu were conducted. The members of Advisory Group headed by Prof. Hiroshi Matsuo provided necessary support to the experts from the Nepali side involved in drafting the code with new perspective and international experience. The comparative study of various legal systems and codes has helped to diversify the new Code to address the current needs and ensure swift justice delivery in the future.

To commemorate the enforcement of the code JICA Nepal is hosting a seminar on 18th Aug 2018 for promoting interest, learnings understanding and opportunities for further cooperation and collaboration from the viewpoint of comparative jurisprudence. The seminar will be conducted by distinguished dignitaries from Japan and Nepal Government.

JICA thus would like to congratulate all the Nepali People who are entering in the new paradigm of the legal era towards the continued rule of law and social Justice driven by fresh sets of legal codes.

For more detail please Contact:
Ms. Brinda Singh
Public Relations Officer
Email: SinghBrinda.NP@jica.go.jp


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