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Working Hours and Holidays

Working hours : 8:00 - 12:30 (lunch break : 12:30 - 14:30), 14:30 - 17:00
Weekend Holidays : Saturdays and Sundays

Holidays (2016)

1-Jan Fri. New Year's Day  
2-Jan Sat. New Year's Holiday Japanese holyday
3-Jan Sun. New Year's Holiday Japanese holyday
8-janv. Fri. (Afternoon)opening cérémony of the tradditional wrestling  
11-Jan Mon. (morning) accession day Japanese holyday
11-Feb Thur. National Foundation Day Japanese holyday
28-Mar Mon. Easter Monday  
24-Apr Sun. Concorde day  
29-Apr Fri. Showa day Japanese holyday
1 May Sun. Labor Day  
3-May Thur. Anniversary of the constitution Japanese holyday
4-May Wed. Green Day Japanese holyday
5-May Thur. Chieldren Day Japanese holyday
3-Jul Sun. 27th day of Ramadan *
6-Jul Wed. Ramadan feast (Aid-Al Fitr) *
3-Aug Wed. Independence Day  
13-Sep Tue. the Tabaski Feast (Aid-El-Kabir) *
14-Sep Wed. Second day of the celebration of the Tabaski Feast (Aid-El-Kabir) *
19-Sep Mon. Old person's day Japanese holyday
4-Oct Tue. Islamic New Year's Day (Muharram) *
10-Oct Mon. Sport and health day Japanese holyday
12-Dec Mon. Mawlid (birthday of Muhammad) *
18-Dec Sun. Republic Day  
23-Dec Fri. Anniversary of the Emperor Japanese holyday
25-Dec Sun. Christmas Day  
29-Dec Thur. End of Year's Holiday Japanese holyday
30-Dec Fri. End of Year's Holiday Japanese holyday
31-Dec Sat. End of Year's Holiday Japanese holyday

*Islamic holidays are subject to change depending on the situation of the moon.


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