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March 4, 2016

South-South Cooperation between Nigeria and Tanzania on the Implementation of 5S-KAIZEN-TQM at the Health Facilities in Nigeria

5S-KAIZEN-TQM (KAIZEN: Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) – TQM: Total Quality Management) is a step-wise participatory approach used to improve quality of service. This principle is used as a basic, fundamental and systemic approach for productivity, quality and safety improvement of service and work environment. 5S-KAIZEN-TQM began in Japan at a manufacturing industry and has since been practiced throughout the world and adapted to the service industry.

In 2007, JICA began the African-Asian Knowledge Co-Creation Program (AAKCP) aimed at improving hospital management, work environment and quality of service through the introduction of 5S-Kaizen.

A total of eighteen (18) health workers from Nigeria have been trained on the 5S principle in Japan, Sri Lanka and or Tanzania. JICA has also trained close to 600 health workers in-country on the principle. A number of hospitals in Nigeria are at various stages of implementing this principle. Maitama District Hospital, one of the hospitals at the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, was awarded the best hospital in FCT for 2013 and 2014 consecutively as a result of the implementation the 5S-KAIZEN-TQM.

In consideration of the successful case of 5S-KAIZEN-TQM implementation in Tanzania and to encourage South-South Cooperation between Nigeria and Tanzania, JICA invited Ms Salome Saria, a national facilitator for 5S-KAIZEN-TQM from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Tanzania, from 9th-26th February to share experiences with Nigerian counterparts on the implementation of the principle. As part of the activities during her visit to Nigeria, Ms Saria conducted refresher and monitoring and evaluation training from 15th to 17th of February, 2016. Twenty seven (27) would-be core trainers from various institutions and facilities in FCT, Lagos and Abia states participated in the training.

The training was very interactive as participants were involved in group discussions and presentations. Participants had practical sessions to conduct monitoring and evaluation for the principle at a few selected hospitals. The exercise was meant to empower the participants to do an internal assessment of the principle in order to inform areas of weaknesses and strength.

The participants came to an understanding of the effectiveness of the approach to create a conducive work environment for service providers with limited resources for quality health service delivery to client with better health outcomes. Many of the participants were re-invigorated to either continue the 5S principle in their facilities or integrate it to other existing quality assurance projects. In addition, the participants from FCT resolved to set up a secretariat for 5S-Kaizen-TQM activities. A follow-up training has also being scheduled by one of the hospitals to step down the training at the facility level.

Evidently, the training has created networking opportunities for participants to share progress, challenges and experiences with each other.

PhotoMs Saria, National coordinator of Tanzania, conducting the training

PhotoA hospital in Abuja, after 5S introduced


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