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January 23, 2018

JICA has Disseminated Improved Parboiling Technology to 21 States in Nigeria

In collaboration with partners such as states and donors, JICA has disseminated improved parboiling technology for small scale parboilers in Nigeria. As of January 2018, 23,607 people in 21 states have been trained on this technology and 14,216 parboilers have adopted the technology, which can produce better quality rice than before.

Improved Parboiling Technology

The improved parboiling technology was developed under a JICA technical cooperation project, namely ‘Rice Post Harvest Processing and Marketing Pilot Project (RIPMAPP) in Niger and Nasarawa States (2011 to 2016). The project was implemented in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) for the purpose of improving capacity of small-scale rice processors to produce quality milled rice.

The project introduced a false bottom as a part of parboiling equipment such as a pot or a drum. A parboiler can simply adopt this technology only through procurement of the false bottom adapted to his/her own parboiling equipment (small initial investment cost needed, and false bottoms can be produced by local fabricators), and the rice produced by this technology shows remarkable improvement in quality (For details of the technology, please see attachment A).

Dissemination Activities

Since the improved parboiling technology has become very popular among the parboilers in Nasarawa and Niger States, JICA started dissemination activities of this technology to other states in 2015. With other development partners, namely IFAD and World Bank FADAMA, JICA conducted sales-trainings. After these trainings, partners started step down trainings in their intervening states with JICA trainers. JICA also partnered with governmental entities such as of Edo, Katsina, Kebbi, Ogun, Taraba, Osun and Ekiti States, Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority and Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority. Those partners convened trainings at their own cost and JICA only dispatched the trainer to the trainings. JICA/FMARD also technically assisted GIZ for their improved parboiling technology trainings. In every training, many parboilers showed their interest in the improved parboiling technology and procured false bottoms.

Effect of the Improved Parboiling Technology

In January 2018, JICA collected information from its partners on the number of people who have been trained (23,607) and the number of parboilers who have adopted this technology (14,216) (For details, please see attachment B). According to the interviews with the adopters, they are quite satisfied with whiteness and 10-20 % higher price of the milled rice than before.

Way Forward

JICA is proud of the results and always happy to deliver this technology to as much small scale parboilers as possible. We will continue collaborative activities with partners, and are open to other donors and states/governmental agencies. If you are interested in this technology, please send an e-mail to <ng_oso_rep@jica.go.jp>



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