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August 1, 2018

Endline Survey Conducted for the Project for Strengthening Pro-Poor Community Health Services in Lagos State

With a few months left of this 4 years long project in Lagos state, the data collection portion of the Endline survey was conducted from July 17th to August 1st 2018. Data was collected from 823 mothers out of 1000 mothers that were initially targeted at the time of tracing in June 2018. The data collection process was conducted with the help of enlisted enumerators who are deployed to work for local governments under the Federal N-Power program. The enumerators carried out structured interviews under close supervision by staff of JICA Nigeria, Lagos State Primary Health Care Board, Lagos State Ministry of Health and the Lagos JICA Project Team.

Prior to the data collection exercise, a one week training was conducted which involved pre testing covering topics relating to maternal and child health/immunization/vaccine coverage, introduction to and learning of the Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) tool used for data collection, role play exercises on how to interview mothers and mock interviews.

In conducting data collection, three methods were adopted to trace the mothers which included telephone call, identification with the help of Community Resource Persons (CORPs), and physical visit through geographic coordinates.

As next steps, this data will be analyzed and reports documented.






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