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Human Interest Stories

The Living Engineering-Marvel of Pak-Japan friendship

PhotoAn official operating the Power Plant

JICA is working in Pakistan for 6 decades and has established some of the finest projects in sectors like power, health, education, etc. One of the living marvels of Japan-Pakistan friendship is Unit-1 of Jamshoro Power Generation Company Ltd.

The Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ghulam Qadir Memon, Jamshoro Power Generation Company Ltd explained that JICA financed the Plant with JPY 20.987 billion for construction of Unit-1 (Total installed units are 4). The said unit has the capacity of 250 Mega Watt (MW) and was completed in 1991 and has been successfully providing electricity to national grid since then.

PhotoInauguration plate describing Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated the Plant in 1991

The Thermal Power Generating unit of 250 Mega Watt of installed capacity represents the Japanese quality on one side and long lasting friendship between Pakistan and Japan on other, says Mr. Memon. Despite old technology and exclusively run on furnace oil, the plant still is operational and encounters less mechanical issues due to quality engineering the Japanese are famous for. Praising the quality of the Plant, Mr. Memon said that the operational life of a power generating units like these is 30 year approximate while our unit can serve many more years after completing 27 years of service. Mr. Memon highlighted that the maintenance cost of Japanese power plant is lower compared to other three generating units installed in the same facility.

PhotoA plate installed on the equipment explaining technical features for the Power Plant

The Power Plant is serving not only as an icon for friendship but as a living marvel of Japanese engineering dexterity equally matched by Pakistani engineers for sturdy maintenance. Mr. Memon is now exploring ways to upgrade sections of the power plant in-order to further extend the operational life of the plant.

The power generation contribution by JICA is historically significant as it has contributed to the country's energy demands for decades. Besides power generation, the lion's share contribution of JICA has electrified over 6,000 villages; established 12 new grid stations; networked over 1,487 km long transmission lines and upgraded training facilities of the government.


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