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October 19, 2017

The 13th JICA President Award To Prof. Khawaja, EX-JAAP President

Islamabad, October 19, 2017:

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) announced the laureates of "The 13th JICA President Award" and Prof. Khawaja Ahmad Abbas has been awarded as one of the laureates for his outstanding contributions and accomplishments towards JICA's international cooperation activities in Pakistan. Award presenting ceremony was held at the conference room in JICA Pakistan Office, Islamabad.

Since its inception in 1989 until 2016, Prof. Khawaja had served as a president of JICA Alumni Association of Pakistan (JAAP), an association consisting of members who participated in JICA's training programs in Japan. JAAP is not only a networking hub of JICA training alumni in Pakistan but also contributes to JICA's activities in Pakistan by presenting workshops and seminars that share the knowledge and experience acquired through trainings in Japan.

In addition to the contribution as a facilitative leader of JAAP for 27 years, Prof. Khawaja also paved the way for long standing partnership between JICA and Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS). In 1982, JICA started the feasibility study for the Project for Construction of Children's Hospital at PIMS, and Prof. Khawaja worked together with JICA team as a main counterpart to implement the project smoothly. After the completion of the construction of the Children's Hospital, he served as a Unit head at the newly constructed hospital, and supported JICA's technical cooperation project implemented from 1986 to 1993, which has maximized our target of delivering advanced medical treatment to the afflicted children in Pakistan.

At the ceremony, JAAP's Executive Committee members including incumbent president and PIMS's management members including Vice Chancellor also joined and celebrated the award of his laureate.

As an acceptance speech, Prof. Khawaja expressed his gratitude to all the parties concerned of this laureate and reminisced about the long-term relationship with JICA over three decades.

"The Children's Hospital was a state of the art health facility at that time. Inpatient children played with toys which were also gifts from Japan" said Prof. Khawaja.



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