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Press Releases

Japanese medical team finished its assignment in Sanawan, Muzafargarh

Islamabad, September 24

PhotoA Japanese doctor examining patient at the medical camp

Under the banner of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), two medical teams (each comprising 23 members) of Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) that included doctors, nurses, pharmacists and coordinators have finished their assignment in Sanawan town of Muzafargarh, Punjab. In 16 days, the team treated about 3500 patients that included children, women and male patients affected by recent floods. The team leader of the medical team Mr. K. Isomura together with chief doctor, Dr. Y. Koido reported to the Ministry of Health in Islamabad the results of their activities in Sanawan.

A large number of the patients treated by medical team suffered from infectious diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition and respiratory disorders. The doctors are concerned about the potential increase of malaria patients in the area, as the water dries up and leaves small patches of stagnant water in which mosquitoes may hatch. They recommend the use of mosquito nets, especially for those people who are now living in tents. Nursing mothers were instructed on how to breastfeed their kids as there were numbers of complaints of malnutrition in the babies.

JICA dispatches JDR teams and provides emergency relief supplies when major disasters occur, mainly in developing areas, in response to requests received from the governments of affected countries or international agencies. JICA also dispatches rescue, medical and expert teams. The tasks of the Medical Team are to diagnose or to assist in the diagnosis of victims, and when necessary they work to prevent infection and the spread of diseases.


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