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Press Releases

June 4, 2011

Message from Mr. Takatoshi Nishikata, Chief Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Pakistan On World Environment Day-2011

PhotoMr. Takatoshi Nishikata

Islamabad, June 4, 2011: World Environment Day is a stimulus of awareness and reminder of commitments for the conservation of the environment by the masses of the world. As the World celebrates the World Environment Day on June 5th, JICA feels itself more responsible towards environment conservation. Our services in the conservation of Environment sector in Pakistan have earned us respect and recognition and the support of the Government of Pakistan has always been appreciated.

Following is the message from Mr. Takatoshi Nishikata, in which he highlights the importance of Environment; its conservation; steps taken by JICA and future intentions to improve the Environment sector in Pakistan.

"The Mother Nature today is confronting the most difficult challenge ever posed by humans. With the advent of globalization and industrialization, we are facing the global environmental challenges that are intensifying with every passing day.

Let alone the proud achievements humans have made in the recent past, the brunt has been borne by the environment whereby every next minute, we are harming the nature to the detriment of our own selves.

We are all victims of global warming and need concerted and collective efforts to save our earth from this wrath. Highlighting the importance of the nature and its preservation is important but taking actions are indispensable. For that end, Japan announced its Fast-Start Finance under "Hatoyama Initiative" and pledged to spend across the globe funds worth US $15 billion from 2009 till 2012. The initiative represents around half of the global commitments under the Copenhagen Accord and projects have already started unfolding on the field.

We as development partners of Pakistan feel obliged to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Government and people of Pakistan to help them achieve their environmental targets.

JICA at Pakistan has resolved to work for the betterment of environment and introduce concepts and technology that bolsters the government's efforts to make Pakistan--green and clean. To that end, we embarked upon the "Project for Environmental Monitoring System" where by modern technological equipment was installed and experts were dispatched to work together with the local environmental staff for the effective and efficient utilization of the facility. In Lahore, with the grant assistance of 1223 million Japanese Yen, we are working on Sewerage and Drainage System in order to mitigate the existing dilapidated situation in the city. While in Faisalabad, with the grant finance of 1200 million Japanese Yen, another such project shall soon be pitched on the ground, hopefully, towards the end of this year. The project will run down the drain the accumulated waste water particularly in the rainy season and provide the residents a hygienic environment to breathe. To provide safe drinking water, we, with the grant aid of 8139 million Japanese Yen, have started Improvement of Water Supply Project in Faisalabad and Abbottabad. The project will provide safe drinking water to the residents of both the cities.

In another intervention, to establish First On-grid Solar System in Pakistan, we kicked off the "Project for Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity System". The grant project worth 480 million Japanese Yen will promote clean energy utilization and achieve emissions reductions by installing the solar photovoltaic (PV) in the premises of Planning Commission (PC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) at Islamabad. The system will later be connected to the national grid in order to run both the premises on solar energy. The PV system is expected to reduce the green house gas emission by replacing the part of electric power generated by fossil fuel and contribute to the climate change policy of Pakistan, who is a member of "Hatoyama Initiative".

Like past, our eyes are looking for the future prospective candidate projects that will further strengthen the environment sector of Pakistan.

Global Warming is not a local phenomenon; it is beyond national geographical boundaries and is affecting all the species on the face of the earth, directly and adversely. It is therefore the responsibility of every individual to take measures--doesn't matter how small they may be--to make the earth "cool and clean".


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