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Press Releases

March 31, 2015

JICA to establish Water and Sanitation Agency for Punjab

Islamabad; 31 March, 2015: For the improvement of water supply and sewerage service in Water and Sanitation Agencies (WASAs) across Punjab, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has agreed with the Government of Punjab for establishment of Punjab Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) Academy which will function as a training institute for capacity development of staff of WASAs and the public water sector.

A Record of Discussion (RD) to this effect was signed between Mr. Mitsuyoshi Kawasaki, Chief Representative of JICA, Mr. Syed Mujtaba Hussain, Joint Secretary of Economic Affairs Division, Dr. Aamer Ahmed, Secretary of Planning and Development, Punjab, Mr. Asad Rehman Gilani Secretary of Housing Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department, Punjab, Dr. Nasir Javed, Chief Executive Officer, The Urban Sector Planning and Management Service Unit Pvt. Ltd, P&D department, Punjab, and Mr. Ch. Naseer Ahmad, Managing Director of WASA Lahore.

Under the 3 years technical cooperation project "The project for Improving the Capacity of WASAs in Punjab Province", the newly established WATSAN academy will encompass diverse capacity development parameters ranging from training manuals, curriculum, materials, plans, job promotions/confirmation mechanism and on-job training system at each WASA.

Punjab WATSAN academy is expected to have a role to provide several training to several grade officers in public water sector from Basic Pay Scale (BPS) 11 to 20. Training is not only for technical knowledge such as operation and maintenance of water supply, sewerage, storm water system, electrical and mechanical machinery and leakage management but also utility business management aspect including asset management. In addition to the training at the academy, on-the-job training at the each WASA will be established and implemented by participants to WATSAN academy for the officers less than BPS 10. In this project, JICA will dispatch Japanese experts and provide necessary equipment, machinery, and opportunity of training in Japan to counterparts.

JICA is expecting Punjab WATSAN academy to strengthen the capacity of water utilities and related government department, and to improve water service and financial condition of water utilities.


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