GNI per capita of Panama is US$12,140 (2016, World Bank) and its Human Development Index is 0.788 (2015, UNDP), which are ranked as the highest socio-economic level among Central American nations. As regards its economy, the tertiary sector including the Panama Canal and the Colón Free Trade Zone composes roughly 75 percent of Panama's GDP, while the structures of the primary and secondary sectors remain vulnerable, and the economic disparity between the capital city and other regions is increasing. Also, measures on the environmental conservation front such as providing sewer infrastructure and waste management lag despite the high socio-economic level of development. JICA's support to Panama focuses on environmental conservation, poverty reduction in rural region and sustainable socioeconomic growth.

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JICA Panama Office
Marbella Office Plaza, Piso 8, Oficina 8A, Ave. Aquilino De la Guardia, Ciudad de Panamá
(Apartado 0832-00900 World Trade Center Panamá, Panamá, REPUBLICA DE PANAMA)

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