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Cooperation with NGOs

JICA and NGOs in the Philippines

photoWater System Development for IPs

While the assistance of JICA is basically on a government-to-government basis, JICA has been working with NGOs in various ways in recognition of the importance of the roles of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for nation building, human development and international cooperation. In the Philippines, NGOs who have varied scope and expertise are active in a variety of development activities in the communities.

With this recognition, JICA has been promoting collaboration with Japanese and Philippine NGOs, particularly in implementing projects at the grassroots level. Other working experiences with include participation of NGOs in Third Country Training Program (TCTP) and partnership with NGOs through dispatch of Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV).

JICA Philippine Office has also established an NGO-JICA Japan Desk (NGO Desk) in January 2003 whose main objective is to promote the participation of Japanese groups or individuals in implementing international cooperation activities.

NGO Desk's main activities are as follows;

  1. To support the activities of Japanese NGOs and other Partners in the Philippines
  2. To facilitate the promotion of cooperation projects between JICA and NGOs
  3. To strengthen cooperation among Japanese NGOs, Local NGOs and JICA
  4. To support exchanges between Japanese groups or individuals and the Philippines

NGO Desk implements and manages two assistance schemes for NGOs namely; Technical Cooperation for Grassroots Projects (TCGP) and Community Empowerment Program (CEP).

TCGP was introduced in 2002 to support the implementation of projects formulated by Japanese NGOs, local governments and universities who wish to utilize their accumulated knowledge and experience in assisting developing countries. Local NGOs in recipient countries may engage in this scheme by being the Counterpart of the Japanese NGOs or as beneficiaries of the Project. Projects can be implemented for a maximum of three (3) years. The list of on-going projects is available in the List of JICA Activities.

photoMangyan Literacy Program

On the other hand, CEP was introduced in 1997 as one component of JICA's Technical Cooperation Projects (TCP). Under this scheme, Local NGOs enters a contract with JICA Philippine Office and are entrusted with the implementation of projects. However, it should be noted that the projects proposals should be related to an on-going Technical Cooperation Project of JICA.

For more information about NGO Desk, kindly visit www.jica-ngo.ph The English version of NGO Desk Newsletters is available in the JICA Newsletter section.


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