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About JOCV

What is JOCV? (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers)

JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) is one of the programs of the JICA aimed at providing technical assistance in developing countries. In principle, JOCVs (aged 20 to 39) spend 2 years involved in cooperation activities, living and working with people in the community. Short-term JOCVs (maximum of 10 months) have also been dispatched.

JOCVs provide them with technical skills and opportunities to experience the joy of discovery and creation through technical cooperation. Cooperation is provided in 7 fields, namely agriculture, forestry and fishery, processing, maintenance and operation, civil engineering, public health care, education and culture and sport. Around 190 fields of specialization are involved.

Priority Sector of the Deployment

1. Improvement of Livelihood

  • To improve the income of the farmer, fisher men
  • To promote small scale industry

2. Upgrade and Expansion of Basic Social Services

  • Education
  • Strengthening of Rural Health
  • Support for the Social Vulnerable

3. Investment Promotion

  • Technical/Vocational Education Improvement
  • Basic Japanese Language Education for Technician / Engineer

Fields of specialization in the Philippines

Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries:

Animal Husbandry, Soils & Fertilizer, Aquatic Products Processing, Animal Hygiene, Veterinary Medicine, Rural Community Development

Manufacturing & Maintenance:

Ceramics/ Chinaware, Product design, Garments

Education & Information Services:

Science & Math, Computer Technology, Japanese Language Instruction, Youth Activities

Public Health & Medical Service:

Nurse, Physical Therapy, Social Worker, Nursing for disabled person

The significance of JOCV

JOCV isn’t same as common volunteers in the Philippines.

What is the difference?

JOCV are not only manpower, not a training/study, nor not training/study nor provision of financial assistance.
TThey, together with counterparts, help build the capacity of the host organization. They plan, think, work and evaluate with the local staff. The purpose of the JOCV is for the volunteer and the Filipinos to learn and work together.

JOCV History

Established in 1965, JOCV is one of the programs of JICA aimed at providing technical assistance in developing countries. It was in 1966 when JOCV dispatched its first batch of volunteers to the Philippines. The dispatch of JOCVs is in line with the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan. The Philippines is one of the countries with the largest number of JOCV assignments worldwide with 1,378 in cumulative total as of September 2009.

Dispatch of JOCV as of September 2009


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