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Press Release

April 4, 2017

JICA, DBP financial assistance a boon to Cebu poultry business, environment

A poultry farm in Balamban, Cebu received funding assistance from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through Environmental Development Project (EDP) which proved to be a boon to farm productivity and environment.

Said assistance is a component of the P11-billion loan extended by JICA to DBP for financing EDP initiatives. Since 2008, JICA has financed around 74 projects under the EDP.

The poultry farm Birdsteel Farm used the loan to expand its use of modern climate control system technology and build additional tunnel ventilated buildings.

The adoption of this technology not only increased their productivity but also contributed to pollution reduction and efficient use of energy resources.

Mr. Neil Sajuela, owner of Birdsteel Farms, said some of the benefits realized by the company under the project include higher feed conversion ratio, increased bird population (from 550,000 birds to 1,090,000 birds), and reduced chicken mortality from 6% to 2.5%. "These translate to improved income, while also helping preserve the environment," added Sajuela.

JICA said there are remarkable win-win opportunities by encouraging developing countries to work with the private sector in applying technology and innovation to make poultry farming more sustainable for the environment.

"As food has always been a subject of scarcity, one key model to its sustainability is the continuous support of the government to the introduction and use of modern technology and the recognition of the values added by these technologies to the future of food production," said Mr. Ryan Pastrana, Senior Manager of DBP.

Birdsteel Farm, which started its operations in 2008, is now one of the largest contract growers in the province of Cebu.

Under the project, automated feeding and drinking systems were installed, enabling the company to realize substantial savings due on feeds, water and medicines. Foul odor and attraction of flies, two of the most prevalent issues with poultry farms were also reduced.

A report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stated that the growth in the global poultry sector due to increased demand for inexpensive and healthy meat and eggs have contributed to environment disturbances such as improper disposal of wastes. Similarly, rapid industrialization and urbanization of areas have immensely contributed to more disturbances in the environment.

Development aid agencies like JICA recognized this and they have introduced a two-step loan scheme with financial institutions of partner countries such as DBP to help the latter address policy priorities like agriculture, industry development or environment.

Aside from the poultry industry, other sectors being financed thru EDP include water supply and sanitation, new and renewable energy, industrial pollution control and solid waste and hazardous waste management.

PhotoBirdsteel Farms owner Neil Sajuela, through funding assistance from DBP and JICA now utilizes modern climate control system technology to increase poultry productivity and contribute to environmental protection


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