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Topics & Events

March 6, 2014

Final Workshop: "Capacity Development on Forest Resource Monitorling for Addressing Climate Change (JICA-PNGFA Project)" (5&6 Mar, 2014)

On March 5 and 6, 2014 the JICA-PNG Forest Authority Project team held its 2-day Final Workshop for the completion of the Japan's Grant Aid for Forest Preservation Programmeand the JICA Technical Cooperation Project on strengthening forest monitoring thereby addressing Climate Change in Papua New Guinea. The workshop served three primary purposes:

  1. to reach out to wider stakeholders by disseminating the achievements of the Project
  2. to inform workshop participants, particularly practitioners in the PNG's forestry sector on the technical knowledge made available by the Project
  3. to discuss wayforward including next technical cooperation project

Managing Director of PNG Forest Authority, Mr. Kanawi Pouru opened the occasion with his remarks. Mr. Pouru's impressive show of leadership and direction was expressed by many speakers and participants of the Project. Embassy of Japan's First Secretary, Mr. Yoshiki Takahama also conveyed his gratitude towards the PNG Government, the PNG Counterparts and the Japanese Forest team of Experts who worked harmoniously to achieve the project's objectives. Chief Representative of JICA PNG followed with his statement, acknowledging the devotion, contribution and performance of the Grant Aid Counterparts, Technical Cooperation Counterparts, as well as the National Counterparts of the entire mission.

"The duration of this capacity development was rather short among many experiences in JICA. So many activities in just three years. It required the Japanese way of time management. The team, under Mr. Pouru – did it, together with their JICA Counterparts. everything was done within the timeframe, timeframe of three years."

Shigeru Sugiyama, Chief Representative JICA PNG

The core segment of the Workshop included presentations that explained the major achievements made through both the Grant Aid and the Technical Cooperation activities. Participants also identified with production process, accomplishments and applications of the PNG forest base map, as well as the improvement of forest resource database.

Dr. Ruth Turia, JICA Project Director and Director of Forest Policy and Planning shared her work on the Outcome of Forest Monitoring Project supported by Japanese Government. On the final day, Mr. Gewa Gamoga of the PNGFA REDD & Climate Change Branch presented his report on the Collaboration with UN-REDD/FAO & JICA in PNG. Both presentations are linked to this article.

PhotoDr. Ruth Turia, presenting outcome of the project

PhotoRole-out of 1st version of forest base map

Participants of the Workshop included Government agencies, timber industry, training institutions, development partners, NGOs, Private sector and media personnel, who covered the occasion widely.

"Bear in mind that this is not the end. In July, we will restart focus on a new JICA-PNGFA project and I am excited about what we hope to see from this next chapter."

Shigeru Sugiyama, Chief Representative JICA PNG


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