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Topics & Events

April 5, 2017

Implementation of training in Japan for PNG officials

Training for PNG officials on terrestrial protected area and Biosphere Reserves in Japan was held from 5th to 19th November 2016. Three staff of Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) and one staff of Central Provincial Government joined this training. They mainly visited Ishikawa prefecture (Hakusan city) and Miyazaki prefecture (Miyazaki city and Aya town). Through the site visit and lectures by various Ministries and agencies, local governmental units, university and NGO, trainees learned about the current state of protected area management in Japan and concept of Biosphere Reserve.

Two topics were picked as particularly informative. One is relevant to increasing budget and financial assistance for protected area management. The other is zoning of Biosphere Reserve or national park. The trainees stated that they plan to utilize the knowledge and technique got from this training for protected area management in Papua New Guinea. Especially, the staff of Central Provincial Government was strongly interested in the approach of regional development of Aya town and showed enthusiasm to register Varirata National Park to Biosphere Reserve.

PhotoVisit to the Chugu museum
(Hakusan city, Ishikawa prefecture)

PhotoVisit to nature observation park
(Atsugi city, Kanagawa prefecture)


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