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Project News


Summary of JICA TB Project in Afghanistan

Summary of JICA TB Project in Afghanistan
   --- up to the end of November, 2004
1.R/D signing:
R/D has been signed between Minister of Health, Dr. Sohaila Siddiq and JICA Resident Representative, Mr. Masaaki Matsushima on September 2nd, 2004 and 5 years’ JICA TB Project has been started formally. The project document, which should be approved by Ministry of Health (MOH), is now being translated into Dari.

2.National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) and National Tuberculosis Institute (NTI):
The organogram of NTP/NTI which was proposed by JICA TB team has been approved by MOH in September, 2004 and NTP staff such as Deputy NTP Manager, Surveillance in charge, Logistics in charge and Laboratory in charge were announced publicly for recruitment. All staff except Laboratory in charge have been selected until now. Lab in charge is now being re-announced and will hopefully be selected by the end of December, 2004. Deputy Director of NTI has become Deputy NTP Manager, so the new Deputy Director of NIT should be selected. In order for NTP be functional fully, the trainings of newly selected members will be very important. The new Deputy NTP Manager, for instance, will be attending to the “Leadership Management course” at RIT in Japan next January. It seems that NTP has just started functioning from scratch.

3.NTP guideline:
Three versions of the NTP guideline, that is, English, Dari and Pashtu versions have been drawn up and already approved by MOH. Therefore, the NTP guideline is now ready for its publication and distribution. However, since BPHS (Basic Package of Health Services) is now in place, the minor changes in Introduction and the structure of implementation of NTP should be made accordingly. Those minor modifications on NTP guideline will be completed soon, so the publication and distribution will be made soon.

4.Training manuals:
The drafts of the training manual for lab technicians both in English and Dari versions have been drawn up by NTP/NTI staff with the help of JICA expert. It will be checked and finalized for the publication under the supervision of the JICA long term expert of Laboratory Management. The training manuals for doctors, nurses and community health workers are now being formulated. They should be finalized as soon as possible.

5.Trainings in Japan:
A laboratory technician of NTI has participated in the “Laboratory management course” at RIT from September to November. As mentioned in 2, the new Deputy NTP Manager will be participating in the “Leadership management course” at RIT next January.

7. Global Fund (GF):
MOH has formed the GFMU (Global Fund Management Unit) as the representative organization which deals with GF. The organogram of GFMU has already been made, but the staff has been recruited gradually. (See the attached organogram of GFMU) The Afghanistan CCM (Country Coordination Mechanism) has been awarded $3.2 million for Round 2 start-up activities in HIV/TB/malaria, with MOH the primary Recipient and, initially, three sub-recipients: Medair, to complete a national TB prevalence survey; WHO, to complete an HIV seroprevalence survey in +TB patients as well as a behavioral risk survey among adolescents in Kabul; HNI (Health Net International), to distribute ITNs and conduct operational research on the use of Artemisia medications in malaria treatment. The GF has also announced plans to award the MOH $2.4 million in Round 4 funds specifically for TB Control. As conditions precedent to this award, the GFMU needs to develop a workplan to support TB Control activities. The CCM members (MOH, NTP/NTI, WHO, JICA, Medair, HNI, MSH, etc.) are now working for the workplan, Monitoring & Evaluation plan and budget for TB Control activities.
The GFMU has announced the positions for Training manager and Laboratory manager. The short listing for the interview has already been made by CCM members and the interview for the candidates are planned on December 7th.
JICA TB project should definitely coordinate with GFMU and other cadres concerned in order to avoid the duplications in various aspects of activity plans. The procurement of laboratory equipment, vehicles, computers, etc. should be done efficiently and effectively without duplications. Since JICA TB team is now expecting to have a long-term expert of Laboratory management, the coordination with the GF staff members such as Laboratory manager should be made positively.

8.ICC (Inter-Agency Coordination Committee) Meeting:
It might be said that ICC Meeting is one of the most important events as far as TB Control activities of NTP is concerned in Afghanistan. The last ICC Meeting was held in July. Since then, the meeting has not been held because of the various reasons, one of which seems to be the deterioration of the public security towards the first presidential election in Afghanistan. Even after the presidential election has been completed successfully without any major turbulence, it seems that the security problem still remain the same. However, almost all of cadres concerned with TB Control are now back to Afghanistan, the next ICC Meeting has been planned on December 14 and 15.


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