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Project News


Progress Report No.2

Continued from the Progress Report No. 1 published in September 2011, Progress Report No. 2, prepared by the project, concluded all of the progress made from October 2011 to March 2012. Despite Thailand’s worst flood at the end of 2011, many activities during the latter half of the JICA-PRTR project’s first year were successfully organized and accomplished as planned. Some of the featured activities are the 1st chemical risk communications training course under the PRTR project, the 4th JICA-PRTR Project Counterparts meeting, and the 2nd NGOs Dialogue meeting. With regard to the basic PRTR system design, the issues of point source/non-point source definition and the revision of the target substances list were discussed in many floors to find a consensus and the best answer for the Thai PRTR system.

For more details on the current progress of the JICA-PRTR Project (October 2011 – March 2012), please see the Progress Report No. 2 at the following link:


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