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Project News


TEI Cooperated in Non-Point Source Survey

While industrial facilities and other items fall under point source definition, non-point source covers everything outside point source, which means a vast variety of activities in society including mobile source, agriculture, construction, households, and small factories/businesses. Under these circumstances, the collaboration of various agencies is required to collect activity data and emission factors for a non-point source release estimation.

Firstly, to identify the sources of data, the Thailand Environment Institute, known as TEI, is going to cooperate on the JICA-PRTR Project on a non-point source data availability survey which is a crucial first step for further data collection. TEI President Dr. Qwanrudee Woraphitak, and JICA Expert Munehiro Fukuda, signed the contract for the survey on May 23, 2012. TEI will also take part in the task force for non-point source release estimation to be set up under the PRTR sub-committee.

According to the PRTR concept, emission data from both point source and non-point source will be compiled and analyzed to create a comprehensive picture of pollutants in the environment.


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