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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Project for Building Disaster Resilient Societies in Central Region



Project site

Tua Tien Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai

Term of Cooperation

March 1, 2009 to February 28, 2012

Project Background

The Central Vietnam area is located in the tropical monsoon area. This area is vulnerable to rainfall related disasters because of heavy rainfall by tropical low pressure (typhoon) and the effects of central mountains along Laos. Further, run off time of rainfall is very short because the mountains and sea shore are very near. Because of such conditions, the down stream area is hit by sudden floods and the upper stream is hit by slope collapse and flash floods. It is anticipated that water related disasters from rainfall and floods will increase because of future climate change.

The government of Vietnam is taking measures such as dams, dikes and river protection to prevent such water related disasters. However still many disasters hit this area. Further, the Viet Nam government takes non structural measures such as relief and rescue activities, warning and evacuation. However, there are still many problems such as lack of knowledge and preparation of local residents and lack of communication systems etc.

Reflecting such a situation, the Vietnam government requested the Japanese government in 2007 to conduct a technical cooperation project to reduce water related disaster risks in central Vietnam aiming at community oriented to cooperation between central and regional governments and suitable for central Vietnam. Responding to this request JICA dispatched a preparatory study mission on June and August 2008.

Project Purpose and Output

Super goal
Measures against water-related disasters and adaptation to the increasing risk caused by climate change are strengthened.

Overall goal Measures against water-related disasters adapted to the exacerbating effects by global climate change are strengthened in Central Vietnam.

Project Purpose
Community-centered disaster management (CCDM) systems are strengthened in the project area.

The capacity of BNBNPMB to manage natural resources in the national park is enhanced through development of a co-management model at the target villages.


  1. Organizational capacities of disaster management at provincial, district, and commune levels are developed.
  2. A manual for promoting CCDM is developed.
  3. Appropriate technologies of low-cost small-scale structural measures against river bank erosion are developed.
  4. MARD's supporting capacities in disaster management to local governments are developed.


1.1To formulate/update and monitor the action plans of provinces according to the national strategy for natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation to 2020
1.2To consolidate DMDs within Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development and make them effectively function
1.3To strengthen the capacities of provincial committees of flood and storm control (CFSC) and district and commune CFSC of pilot sites.
1.4To produce hazard maps on sediment disasters, floods, and bank erosion
1.5To formulate intergrated flood management plans considering climate change effects
1.6To improve early warning and evacuation systems
2.1To select target communes and pilot sites (hamlets)
2.2To evaluate existing coping mechanisms
2.3To formulate plans of CCDM activities in pilot sites utilizing expertise of local universities and NGOs
2.4To conduct activities of CCDM in collaboration with local universities and NGOs
2.5To produce a manual for promoting CCDM, reflecting lessons and practices of pilot activities
2.6To formulate CCDM promotion programs


To survey the conditions of candidate sites
3.2To select two construction sites
3.3To determine suitable low-cost small-scale works for each construction site, and implement the works
3.4To evaluate the works and make necessary modifications
3.5To produce Guidline for Riverbank Erosion Management
4.1To improve institutional functions of disaster management of MARD
4.2To review technical guidelines of countermeasures and submit them for approval
4.3To plan training programs for local government officials in charge of disaster management, and produce training materials
4.4To conduct training courses for disaster management for local governement officials in charge



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