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Outline of the Project

Project Name

Project for Improvement of Medical Service in the Central Region

Targeted Country

Viet Nam

Date of R/D Signed

Jun 27 2005

Term of Cooperation

July 2005 - June 2010

Implementing Organization

Hue Central Hospital


Economic growth spurred by the implementation of the Doi Moi policy and various reforms in the healt h sector have greatly contributed to the improvement of health indicators in the health service sect or of Vietnam. However, new problems such as the expanding gap between the rich and the poor as well as the rural and the urban have emerged. The situation is especially serious in the Central Region, which has seen slower economic development compared to other regions; the proportion of households living under the poverty line is higher than in other parts of the country, and its health indicator s fall below the national average.

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam came up with a set of countermeasures to mitigate regional differe nces, which includes a framework under which require the staff of higher level health facilities to train those of lowerlevel health facilities. Under this system, each higher-level health facility (n ational center hospital, Provincial Hospital)sets up a "Direction Office of Health Activities (DOHA) unit" to manage training of this kind. A DOHA unit was set up at Hue Central Hospital (HCH), a nati onal center hospital in the Central Region, in 1998, but its training activities have not been suffi cient.To enable the provincial hospitals in the Central Region to provide the expected levels of med ical service necessary for the improvement of the health standard of the region as a whole, it will be urgent to strengthen their training institute function and expand their training activities.

This project aims to expand human resource development activities by the Hue Central Hospital for 14 provincial hospitals through provision of model medical service at HCH, establishment of training m anagement system and organization at HCH and monitoring of the status of medical services at the pro vincial hospitals in the region. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Japanese Grant Aid Project for the Improvement of HCH (JFY2004-2006).

Project concept chart

Goal and Purpose

Overall Goal : Medical services provided by the provincial hospitals in the Central Region are improved.

Project Purpose : Training activities of the HCH for the PHs are expanded and improved.


  1. Model medical service is practiced at HCH.
  2. A training management system and organization is established at HCH.
  3. HCH monitors the status of medical services at the provincial hospitals in the Central Region.

Project Activities

1.A model medical service is practiced at HCH.
1-1.Improvement of Nursing management.
1-2.Improvement of "total care".
1-3.Improvement of nosocomial infection control.
1-4.Management of medical equipment.
1-5.Improvement of hospital management system
2.A training management system and organization is established at HCH.
2-1.Establishment of Training Unit.
2-2.Establishment of training cycle management (Planning, Implementation and Evaluation).
2-3.To organize a training coordinating committee.
2-4.Development of training materials.
2-5.To disseminate information on training by HCH for the provincial hospitals.
3.HCH monitors the status of medical services at the provincial hospitals in the Central Region.
3-1.To collect and update provincial hospital data.
3-2.To conduct training needs assessment.
3-3.To survey the effect of the training.

Input Summary

by Japanese Side :

  • Experts : Long-term experts (Chief Advisor / Nursing Management / Project Coordinator), Shortterm experts (Training Management / Equipment Management / Nosocomial Infection, etc.)
  • Equipment for Training
  • Counterpart Training in Japan (Training Management, Equipment Management, Nursing Management, etc.)
  • Expenses for training,teaching materials, etc.


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