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Project Activities

Strategies to achieve the Project Purpose

  1. The Project will focus on non-degree, short-term, and practical training for the provincial hospital The Project aims at enhancing the capacity of the HCH (as a whole) as the training center for the staff.
    • PHs in the Central Region. It will not aim at enhancing the knowledge and skills of individual staff.
    • The training aims at building an effective medical team consisting of doctors, nurses, and clerical officers.
  2. The status of medical services at the PHs in the Central Region will be monitored.
    • The HCH will maintain a database of medical services provided by the PHs and conduct training needs assessments of the provincial hospital staff. HCH will also examine the impact of training conducted at the HCH.
    • The report of hospital ranking issued by the MOH will be used for monitoring the status of medical services of the PHs.
  3. The HCH will set up a Training Unit and assign staff teams of doctors, nurses and clerical officers in order to conduct the training courses effectively and efficiently.
  4. Special attention will be focused on the strengthening of nursing management, nosocomial infection control management and equipment management. The aim will be to establish model medical service at the new HCH ward to be constructed with Japanese Grant aid.
  5. The HCH will actively participate in the cooperation and exchange among the three national center hospitals(Bach Mai Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, and Hue Central Hospital). In doing so, it will share the good practices of the Project and utilizing the training opportunities offered by the other two hospitals.

Project activities for 3 Outputs

  1. Model medical service is practiced at HCH
    1. Improvement of nursing management
    2. Improvement of Total Care
    3. Improvement of nosocominal infection control
    4. Management of medical equipment
    5. Improvement of hospital management system
  2. A training management system and organization is established at HCH
    1. Establishment of Training Unit
    2. Establishment of training cycle management
    3. To organize a training coordinating committee
    4. Development of training materials
    5. To disseminate information regarding training by HCH for the provincial hospitals
  3. HCH monitors the status of medical services at the provincial hospitals in the Central Region
    1. To collect and update provincial hospital data
    2. To conduct training needs assessment
    3. To survey effect of the training

Project Targeted training field

Emergency / Obstetrics / Pediatrics / Anesthesiology /
Nosocomial Infection Control / Total Care /
Nursing Management / Medical Equipment Management /
Training Management / Hospital Management

Project Targeted Hospitals



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