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Outline of the Project

Project Title

Improvement of Productive Technology in Small and Medium Scale Dairy Farms in Vietnam


April 2006 to March 2011

Project Counterpart

National Institute of Animal Husbandry (NIAH)

Project Site

Station for Training and Extension of Dairy Technologies (STED), NIAH

Target Area

Vinh Tuong District in Vinh Phuc Province, Moc Chau District in Son La Province.

Cooperation Area

Thanh Hoa Province, Hung Yen Province.

Target Group

National Trainer (NT) of the STED, Local Trainer (LT) in the Project Areas and the Northern Vietnam, and Dairy farms in the Project Target Areas.


Overall Goal : Milk productivity of small and medium scale dairy farms in Northern Vietnam is increased

Project Purpose : Dairy technology extension activities are improved in the Project Target Areas.


  1. Functions of the Station for Training and Extension of Dairy Technologies (STED) are improved.
  2. Training capability of STED’s trainers (National Trainer: NT) to dairy technology extension workers and so forth (Local Trainer: LT) is improved.
  3. Capability of extension activities of dairy technology extension workers and so forth (Local Trainer: LT) towards small and medium scale dairy farms in the Project Areas is improved.


1-1.STED studies needs on dairy technology suitable for field level, and needs on training and extension.
1-2.STED develops and improves training courses on dairy technology.
1-3.STED develops and improves method on training and technology transfer, as well as teaching material.
1-4.STED proves and demonstrates technologies suited for dairy feeding and management.
1-5.STED collects and accumulates information at the field level needed for the dairy development.
2-1.To conduct training for NT
3-1.To conduct training for LT
3-2.To support the technology improvement in model dairy farms.
3-3.To conduct extension and training activities to the farmers in cooperation with Target Areas.

Input Summary

Japanese Side :

  1. Expert dispatch
    • Three long-term experts in the following area of expertise will be dispatched.
      1. Animal Health
      2. Feeding and Management
      3. Training
        A Chief advisor and a Project coordinator will be chosen from the Japanese expert's project team.
    • Short-term experts will be dispatched according to necessity.
  2. Training
    • Training in Japan will be designed according to necessity.
  3. Equipment
    • Equipment for training and field activities.

Viet Nam :

  1. Expert dispatch
    • Sufficient number of counterpart officials, who are staff members of NIAH or representative from related authorities in the Project Target Area.
  2. Training
    • Project office space in NIAH and STED, facilities for operation of model sites
  3. Equipment
    • Employment cost of counterparts, operation, maintenance and repair cost of Project office such as electricity service, water supply, etc.


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