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Outline of the Project

Project Name

The Project on Tax Administration Reform Phase 2



Project Activities

1.Diversifying the means of taxpayer services
1.1To organize task force on taxpayer services to implement project activities.
1.2To assess current situation in taxpayer services.
1.3To develop and implement an action plan for improving taxpayer services.
1.4To develop various tools (such as materials, booklets and brochures) for specific targets.
1.5To improve taxpayer services for specific targets.
1.6To develop network with cooperative organizations (i.e.,Tax Accountant Organization) and implement collaborative activities for better taxpayer services.
2.Upgrade tax officer training system
2.1To organize task force on tax officer training system to implement project activities.
2.2To assess the current situation of human resource development (HRD).
2.3To develop and implement an action plan for improving training system.
2.4To prioritize HRD subjects of Tax College, mainly in taxpayer services and tax audit, and to develop and revise the curriculum and the training materials for them.
2.5To support implementing staff training courses.
2.6To improve Tax College's operation policy and regulations.
2.7To develop OJT tools (such as manuals and teaching method for tax audit and taxpayer services) and standardized operation manuals for officers in order to improve their skills.
2.8To implement OJT trainings and distribute standardized manuals.


from Japanese side:

  • Personnel for the Project
    • Dispatch of long-term experts:Tax administration, Coordinator/ Linkage/ Public Relations
    • Dispatch of short-term experts for consultation as needed
  • Training Course in Japan
    • Necessary trainings are provided based on the framework and the action plan of the project.
  • Equipment
    • Office equipment for the project excluding Tax Colleges' equipment as needed
  • Supporting costs
    • Cost for activities of the project including tools, seminars, training courses and public relations


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