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Activities in Sierra Leone

Project for Urgent Improvement of Electric Power Supply System in Freetown – Phase I and Phase II

Background and Objective


The civil war in Sierra Leone from 1991 to 2002 severely affected its economy and society. Freetown's electric power sector, for example, is facing a serious lack of funding and reserve capacity, resulting in deteriorating power-generating facilities that cannot be properly maintained and do not have sufficient power capacity. This has resulted in many offices as well as industrial and commercial facilities compensating with inefficient home-type generators and a slowdown in economic development. The Power Supply Improvement Project for Freetown thus aims to build and maintain power-generating and power distribution facilities to achieve in reviving Sierra Leone's economy and improve the lives of the country's citizens.

Phase I

  • Exchange of Notes signed on: August 1, 2007
  • Grant Limit: 570 million yen
  • Executing Agency: National Power Authority

Phase II

  • Exchange of Notes signed on: May 8, 2008
  • Grant Limit: 1,651 million yen
  • Executing Agency: National Power Authority

Project Summary


Under the project (Phase I), a 33-kilovolt distribution substation will be built at Regent and a 33-kilovolt distribution line will be extended from Regent to the Wilberforce substation. Materials will be procured to lay 11-kilovolt electric lines between the Kingtom and Congo Cross substations as well as the Congo Cross and Wilberforce substations. Also, 11-kilovolt distribution line materials and substation transformer equipment will be further procured.

In the project (Phase II), the building for Diesel Engine Generator (DEG) will be established and two sets of 5MW generator will be installed in the Kingtom Power station.


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