Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

The government of Solomon Islands is dependent on donor support for roughly 60 percent of its development budget. With soaring international prices for timber and resumption of operations of the Gold Ridge gold mine which had been suspended because of ethnic unrest and other factors, current economic condition of Solomon Islands seems to be sound. However, it is essential to improve the monoculture economic structure which heavily dependent on exports of timber and to create self-reliant system with sufficient development budget are urgent issues of Solomon Islands. JICA is providing assistance to Solomon Islands with a focus on infrastructure as a base for economic activities, alleviating the negative effects because of rapid economic development, and improving the MDGs' related activities.

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JICA Solomon Islands Office
Ground Floor, ICSI Building, Mendana Ave, Honiara, Solomon Islands
(P.O.Box 2046, Honiara, Solomon Islands)

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