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Topics & Events

June 8, 2015

The Handover Ceremony of the Juba Port Security Fence

Toward its vision of inclusive dynamic development JICA started planning how to improve infrastructure in South Sudan capital city, Juba, in 2006 one of its priorities was to increase the cargo handling capacity of Juba river port. First, JICA built a 35 meter pier to start the project. This support helped manage the increase in commodity flow as Juba population and economy grew rapidly, especially after the independence in 2011. Now JICA is preparing to extend the pier to 200m. (Link - JICA breaks ground for a new port in South Sudan)

PhotoObserving the fence; Minister, ambassador, commander and chef representative (JICA South Sudan)

To enable a good working environment of the river port, Japanese Engineering Contingent in collaboration with JICA has constructed the Security Fence of the port. The new fence will help Juba port administrator to have entry control, maintenance of the port and security.

In his speech on 21th of May, Dr. Furukawa thanks the Ministry of Transport, Road and Bridge of South Sudan and Japanese Engineering Contingent for their effort in supporting the development of South Sudan saying "JICA would also like to contribute to peace. As you know, lack of infrastructure keeps people isolated from each other. Our dream is that this port will connect people with people, and communities with communities. By promoting interaction among them, we hope to contribute to peace and stability in South Sudan. We expect this port should be a symbol not only for Freedom like Freedom Bridge *, but also for national unity... Like the Nile River, our friendship and support always flows to South Sudan"

PhotoJinryu Daiko (Japanese drum roll) performance by Japan Engineering Contingent

Attendees at this event include, Honorable Minister, Kwong Danhier Gatluak, Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges, His Excellency, Ambassador Masahiko Kiya, Japan Ambassador to South Sudan, Dr. Mitsuaki Furukawa, Japan International Cooperation Agency, (JICA) Chief representative, Colonel and Japan Engineering Contingent Commander, Osamu Nishimura among other senior delegations from both JICA and the Ministry.

* New Nile River Bridge being constructed with the support of Japan. The bridge was named by the government of South Sudan as Freedom Bridge.

PhotoSpeech held by Kwong Danhier Gatluak, Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges

PhotoConstructed security fence

PhotoCelebrate with Kusudama(large decorative ball)

PhotoGroup photo with all participants


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