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November 27, 2017

Trainings for the South Sudan Vocational Training Instructors were conducted in Kiryandongo, Uganda and Juba, South Sudan

PhotoSouth Sudan Instructors Training in Kiryandongo

From 11th to 27th October 2017, 3 South Sudanese instructors conducted vocational training, as their own training to enhance instructing skill, for the refugees at Panyadoli Vocational Center (PVC) in the refugee settlement of Kiryandongo, Uganda. These 3 instructors are from the Directorate Vocational Training (DVT) in the Ministry of Labor, Public Service & Human Resource Development (MoLPSHRD) and have expertise in carpentry, BCP (brick and concrete practice) and tailoring respectively. In South Sudan, lectures in many public vocational training centers have been cancelled due to the deterioration in the security situation attributed to the long-term civil war, and instructors of these centers have been deprived of opportunity to instruct vocational skills. DVT has been seeking a way to re-train its instructors under such a situation. On the other hand, more than one million South Sudan refugees now live in Uganda, and Panyadoli Vocational Center has been facing a growing need on vocational training in the refugee settlement of Kiryandongo where approximately 60,000 refugees live. In this context, this training for these 3 instructors was planned and conducted.

In the South Sudan, only 27% of the population at ages 15 are literate, and 94% of the youth engage in jobs without any vocational qualification. The job opportunity is limited extremely, and there is not big difference in this situation between urban and rural areas (Note: 5 Year TVET Sector Development Plan, UNESCO South Sudan, June 2016). Therefore, the improvement of education and vocational training has become a nationwide important issue. In order to address this challenge, the Government of Japan and JICA had implemented the Project for Improvement of Basic Skills and Vocational Training in Southern Sudan, so-called "SAVOT", as support for the Multi-purpose Training Centre (MTC) in Juba, from 2006 to 2009 and from 2010 to 2013. Also, in the wake of explosion of South Sudanese refugee due to the conflict in December 2013, JICA supported PVC in the refugee settlement of Kiryandongo as follow-up cooperation in 2013 and 2014. Through this support, more than 200 refugees had received vocational training in such fields as carpentry, BCP, tailoring and hairdressing.

PhotoGenerator Training for South Sudan Instructor in Juba

In March 2016, Mr. Isamu Kikuchi, JICA expert, was dispatched to South Sudan to advice the vocational policy at the DVT in MoLPSHRD, South Sudan. However, all JICA-related Japanese experts and staff were forced to leave Juba due to the erupted conflict in July 2016. Then, Mr. Kikuchi was dispatched in turn to Uganda in December 2016 and resumed the technical cooperation in vocational training sector from Uganda, as the other technical cooperation to South Sudan has been currently implemented in neighboring countries including Uganda. The training for 3 South Sudanese instructors is one of technical cooperation activities managed by Mr. Kikuchi. Together with the provision of tools as "starter's kit" for the graduates who completed the programs at PVC in July 2017, these 3 instructors visited the graduates and provided them with follow-up instruction, so that the graduates can earn their livings independently by utilizing obtained skills and tools. Moreover, JICA provided equipment such as saw blade and sewing machine for the 3-month vocational training programs at PVC that started in August 2017, and these 3 instructors supported and enriched these programs as supporting instructors for about 2 weeks in October 2017. This training has become an opportunity for 3 South Sudanese instructors to maintain and enhance their own skills and to acquire the more practical knowledge on the ground through the follow-up activities for the graduates. It is now expected that the lessons learnt by 3 instructors will contribute to conducting the short-term vocational training in collaboration with international organizations and NGOs.

In 2017, other than the training above, JICA carried out the training on "Generator Operation and Maintenance" for the instructors of the electrical department of MTC in Juba, South Sudan, by utilizing the generators of MTC as teaching materials in July and November 2017. Given that many of electric power supplies depend on private generators in South Sudan, this training has enabled MTC not only to ensure a stable electric power supply but also to foster its instructors in the field that has tremendous needs in South Sudan.

As the Cartoon above shows "Prosperity of Country through Vocational Training!!!", JICA is supporting vocational training sector in South Sudan, so that young men and women will acquire skills and techniques of the international standard in the future.

PhotoCartoon drawn by Adija, JICA South Sudan public-relations team


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