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February 9, 2018

Cleanup Juba, the capital city of the youngest country!

Juba, the capital city of South Sudan which was independent in 2011, is estimated to have 1.5 million populations. Some illegal waste dumping is observed on the streets in Juba city, and the waste generated from the households is not properly managed.

JICA is implementing ‘the Data Collection Survey on Solid Waste Management in Juba' from February 2017 to August 2018. The purpose of this survey is to research the current waste management system, namely collection, transportation and disposal of waste, and to compile the basic data for developing ‘the Master Plan for the Solid Waste Management' in future. The survey is conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the State Ministry of Environment and the Juba City Council which are in charge of the waste management in Juba.

The survey is also supported by the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Development, Sudan, which is located in north next to South Sudan and originally in the one country before the independent. Sudan has improved its waste management system through Japanese grant aid for supplying compactor trucks for waste collection and JICA's technical cooperation for strengthening the waste management system.

In this survey, the South Sudanese officers from relevant organizations visited Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan, to learn the knowledge and experience for improvement of waste management system. In addition, the Sudanese officer visited Juba and supported the South Sudanese officers to conduct the household waste amount survey. As a result of this survey, it is revealed that people in Juba generate 650g of garbage per person/day, and this is relatively larger than other developing countries, although it is smaller than that of Japan, 939g per person/day (Min of Environment in Japan, Mar 2017).

In November 2017, ‘Cleanup Campaign' was conducted in Kator Block in Juba city. 150 residents participated, and illegal dumped waste was removed from the market area in the block. The collected garbage became 250 backs, and 5 trucks were filled up with these garbage.

In the middle of December 2017, the workshop was held in Khartoum in order to share the result of the survey among relevant officers and to discuss on the coming Pilot Project in Juba. As a result of the hot discussion, the Pilot Project will be implemented targeting 120 households in Juba from 1 March 2018 as follows;

  • garbage collection twice a week from household to transfer station by PCSP (Primary Collection Service Provider) using bicycle
  • garbage transfer from transfer station to temporary dumping site using truck
  • proper disposal of waste in the dumping site
  • trials to charge the waste collection fee from each household, prepare the new temporary dumping site and plant seedling around it

JICA continues to support this Pilot Project as well as the waste management in Juba.

PhotoClean up Campaign 1

PhotoClean up Campaign 2

PhotoWaste Amount Survey 1

PhotoWaste Amount Survey 2

PhotoDiscussion of the pilot project 1

PhotoDiscussion of the pilot project 2


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