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December 16, 2015

Suggestion and Recommendation from the Expert on Sediment Disasters: Special Tributes on Koslanda Landslide- No.1

The Japan International Cooperation Agency pays a tribute on Koslanda Landslides by suggestions and recommendations to enhance the capacity of Sediment Disaster Risk Management.

In harmony with the Government of Sri Lanka, which earnestly engaged in enhancing the Disaster Risk Management by establishing the legal and institutional frameworks, JICA implemented several project including Grant Aid and Technical Cooperation Project from 2005.

Currently, JICA is engaged in providing Technical Cooperation for Landslide Mitigation Project and Technical Cooperation Project for Improving of Weather Observation, weather forecasting and Forecasting under Technical Cooperation, Capacity Enhancement Project for Creation of Digital Elevation Model for Enhancing Disaster Resiliency under Development Study and Landslide Disaster Protection Project under JICA Loan.

In March, 2015 at Sendai in Japan, the third world conference on disaster risk reduction was held and gathered a global attention on the concept of Build Back Better and Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction.

To help facilitate Sri Lanka learning from the past tragic experience for enhancing the Disaster Risk Management capacity throughout the improvement of legal and institutional frameworks by finding out the difficulties and challenges we had in the past disaster, JICA will be actively engaged as a longstanding partner.

First suggestion and recommendation were raised by Mr. Yoshinori Kawamura, Acting Team Leader on Landslide Disaster Protection Project. Kawamura said "there are lots of similarity between Japan and Sri Lanka, however, there are special features in Sri Lanka and has to pay attention to those local traits, which makes difficult to have effective landslide disaster risk reduction by structural measures". He introduces insightful methods, which will be necessary items for cut sloops collapse protection in near future.




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