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Press Release

Gift from Japan to Boost Agricultural Productivity in Sri Lanka

March 23, 2010

Long term relationship between Sri Lanka and Japan produced another fruit with handing over of agricultural machineries to be used by underprivileged farmers under Japanese 2KR Grant Aid programme.

This assistance is provided by JICA as a gift to facilitate Sri Lanka’s efforts to improve the productivity of farm households in rural areas and enabling food crop growers to contribute for national food security in Sri Lanka, while paving the way to alleviate poverty in rural areas.

JICA extended a grant of the amount of 520 million yen for the purchase of 1,024 units of two-wheel tractors, 1,027 units of reversible plough, 400 units of irrigation water pump with engines, 10 units of potato diggers and 50 units of four-wheel tractors with disc ploughs. The procured items are arriving batch by batch from January to June.

Ministry of Agricultural Development and Agrarian Services is scheduled to distribute these agricultural machineries for direct usage of farmers and for the government seed farms which provide high quality paddy and vegetable seed for farmers.

Utilization of durable two-wheel tractor enabled to increase cultivation extent from 15.2ha to 21.6ha, reduced working hour by mechanization helped farmers to expand vegetable cultivation, etc.., various positive effects have been observed from the interview surveys to farmers organizations which were benefited from 2KR Grand Aid in the past.

Also, it is notable that more than half of total grant provided this time, on a value basis, will serve the needs of farming communities in the Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka under the on-going resettlement and reconstruction programme.

Japanese 2KR Grant Aid for Sri Lanka started from 1977 and so far, the Government of Japan and JICA have provided more than 49,130 million Japanese yen worth agricultural machineries and chemical fertilizer are provided by the Government of Japan and JICA.

It is expected that present Japanese 2KR Grant Aid would become another milestone of the socio economic development of Sri Lanka as well as cordial and close friendship between Sri Lanka and Japan.


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