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Press Release

July 23, 2015

JICA extends 120 Master Degree fellowships to Sri Lankan Government officials

The importance of an efficient public sector contributing to the promotion of economic growth of Sri Lanka has increased in the recent years.

"The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)" was introduced in year 2009 with the purpose of developing the capacities of officers of the Government of Sri Lanka involved in planning and execution of policies. Since its initiation JDS has accepted 75 Sri Lankan Government officials for 2 year Master degree programs to reputed Japanese Universities in the areas of public administration, public policy, public finance, regional development, economics, business management, environment and disaster management. In total 120 Government officials are to be accepted in Japanese Universities during the cooperation period of 12 years.

A Grant Agreement was signed on 23rd of July at Ministry of Finance in between Dr. R. Samaratunga, Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Mr. Kiyoshi AMADA Chief Representative of JICA Sri Lanka Office to extend the current cooperation under JDS. The amount of the Grant stands at 226 Japanese Yen million equivalent to 243 million Lankan Rupees.

In addition to the JDS fellowships, Government of Sri Lanka will be eligible for approximately 100 short term training seats under "JICA Knowledge Co-creation Programs", an important means of technical cooperation that supports human resource development in resolving issues in developing countries. By fiscal year 2013, 12,432 training participants from Sri Lanka have been accepted in Japan under various JICA technical cooperation schemes.

PhotoExchange of Grant Agreements: Mr. Kiysohi Amada (left) CR of JICA Sri Lanka with Dr. R Samaratunga( Right)Secretary to Ministry of Finance


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