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News Letters

Friendship & Co-operation (FY2004)

Volume 3, Issue 3(PDF/KB) / Arabic (PDF/359KB)
  Opening ceremony for Mecha-Tronics labs
JICA Education Project Formulation Mission in Syria
Grant Aid Follow up Cooperation Mission in Syria
IT division Manager training course concludes
Potato Seed Production Progress
JICA ? UNRWA Soccer Cup 2005
Volume 3,Issue 2(PDF/353KB) / Arabic (PDF/248KB)
  IT division manager group training course launches
PEEGT receive JICA senior advisor
EIA for a New Water Project for Damascus
JICA's expert team arrived in Syria
Arrival of a New Group of JOCV Expert Volunteers
JICA Activities as of December, 2004 (number of people
Volume 3,Issue 1(PDF/130KB) / Arabic (PDF/140KB)
  Golan Hospital receives Japanese Grant Aid's equipments.
JICA Delegation visits Industrial City in ADRA
Regional Seminar for the JICA Alumni Associations
JICA at the Ministry of Industry
Senior Volunteer finished 3 years assignment
JICA Cooperation continues in the Electrical Sector
New Staff Joined JICA's Team
Volume 2, Issue 12(PDF/401KB) / Arabic (PDF/349KB)
Rehabilitation of Water Transmission Tunnels
Senior Volunteer Assignment Successfully Completed
Two team groups from JICA Egypt and JICA Jordan visited Syria
Minister of Health receives JICA’s Resident Representative
JICA Activities as of September, 2004 (number of people)
Signing Minutes of Discussions with Ministry of Local Administration & Environment
JICA signs an agreement with Damascus University
Volume 2, Issue 11(PDF/389KB) / Arabic (PDF/340KB)
  JICA organizes a seminar for Donor Agencies at SPC
Arrival of New Senior Volunteers group
Ms. Shirahashi the JOCV Volunteer leaves Syria
Ministry of Local Administration & Environment and JICA organizes a seminar / workshop on Urban Development in Greater Damascus
Step Further towards providing Damascus with Portable Water
Minister Of Social Affairs & Labor received JICA’s Resident Representative
CBR Workshop and Exhibition
Volume 2,Issue 10(PDF/436KB) / Arabic (PDF/380KB)
  Minister of Social Affairs Received JICA Resident Representative
JICA participates in the 51st Damascus International Fair
JICA Syria Volunteers and members visited Cedars
JICA Expert leaves ANRR
Sustainable Urban Development in Greater Damascus
JOCV Voulunteer4s in the Syrian Kindergartens & Nurseries
Volume 2,Issue 9(PDF/397KB) / Arabic (PDF/339KB)
  We wish peace in hot summer (From R.R.)
JICA participates in a symposium on Education Merging
JICA expert to Water Recourses Information Centre
Total Quality Control Presentation in Damascus Chamber of Industry
Japanese Teachers observed JICA activities
JICA Supports Environmental Monitoring
Master Plan of Sewage Water Management
Priorities for New Requests Agreed
Volume 2, Issue 8(PDF/371KB) / Arabic (PDF/341KB)
Arrival of New JOCV Volunteers
Modernization of Cargo Handling System in Syria
Additional Equipment for GOSM
Supporting Potable Water Sector
Community Base Rehabilitation (CBR) Project
JICA coordinating Japan’s ODA 2005 with the SPC
Volume 2, Issue 7(PDF/397KB) / Arabic (PDF/339KB)
  Physical Education Workshops
Solid Waste Management Project in Homs and Lattakia receives an impulse
JICA Activities as of June, 2004 (number of people)
Second Syrian-Japanese Water Symposium
Joint Coordination Committee met at al-Baath University
Three-Country Tourism Promotion, A Way Forward for Tourism in the Middle East
Volume 2,Issue 6(PDF/364KB) / Arabic (PDF/318KB)
  Physical Education Training Program
New Staff Joined JICA’s team
Reproductive Health Project
Senior JOCV finished her assignment
JICA Attends the Workshop on Planning for Integrated Water Resource Management in Syria (PIWRM)
JICA Resident Representative attends seminar at JTC
Volume 2,Issue 5(PDF/396KB) / Arabic (PDF/KB)
  Exchange programs are the basis of good Co-operation (From R.R.)
JICA Launches its Promotion of SME Program
Ex workshops held at DAWSSA
New Senior Volunteers Group
JOCV Activities
Department of Sewage System
JICA’s New ‘Integrated Support to Industry’ Approach, What Exactly is Promotion of SME Program
Volume 2, Issue 4(PDF/476KB) / Arabic (PDF/337KB)
Highlighting JICA’s Activities in Syria (From R.R.)
Study for establishing the environmental monitoring laboratories in Syria
Basic Design Study Team to DAWSSA
JICA Preparatory Study Team finished his assignment At Ministry of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform
JOCV Activities
Official Trip to Egypt, Benchmarking Against Other JICA Success Stories
Workshop and National Seminar on Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
JICA Participating in the Syrian German Workshop on Water Resources Management

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